Third Shift

His jaw locked in fury. With a fluidity that probably appeared instantaneous, Korlemo strode up to the woman. More than a foot taller than her, he loomed over her. His breath ragged. His eyes hell fire red. He said, "You mock me at your peril."

She threw back her shoulders. She said, "You will die."

Zigzagged brows crossed his forehead. "What do you mean, old woman? I cannot die."

"Your dream. In your vision the flowered sapling represents a woman. This woman will wound you. Then, she will kill you."

In a flash, his arm extended forward. Elongated fingers clutched her throat. He snapped her neck before she swallowed her words.

Write Club

Myaisha pushed the door back against the wall. Displayed the entire office. Her fear materialized at the sigh of her friend. Candace's body lay strewn across the floor in front of a large wooden desk. The chair next to her body lay askew. Myaisha knelt beside her friend. ABCs. Letting her purse slouch onto the ground, she placed her hand before Candace's nose. Felt no breath on the back of her hand. Slipping her fingers underneath the scarf around Candace's neck, her fingers bumped up against a thick gold chain. Myaisha searched for the carotid pulse. Absent.

Straightening her friend's body, Myaisha prepared to deliver chest compressions. She paused. Her hands hovered over Candace's rib cage. A sticky maroon colored patch soaked an otherwise pristine unwrinkled blue silk blouse. Myaisha retrieved her cell phone.

A flat southern drawl asked, "911. What's your emergency?"

"My friend's been shot. She's dead."